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rearTWIST HD Large BNC Cable Connector


The rearTWIST HD Large BNC cable connector is designed for large cable diameters > 8mm as used on long runs and high data rates (HD).

Like all Neutrik BNCs it offers a true 75 Ω design and is perfectly suitable for HD applications. The patented rearTWIST boot guarantees easy access even in high density applications.



Suitable cables:
Belden 7731A (ANH), CAE HD16720LSZH, Draka 1.6/7.3AF, RG 11, Klotz V16/72, Canford SDV-HD, Nexans HF 75 1,6/7,2 02Y(ST)C(ST)H, Percon VK9, Tesca Sphere


Suitable cable:
Draka 1.4/6.6 AF, Percon VK8, Tesca Massimo