Field Assembly opticalCON Connector

Some situations require a connector assembly on-site. Typical examples are peer-to-peer installations, field installations or repair.

Neutrik offers a suitable solution for these requirements – the Neutrik opticalCON field assembly kit. This kit is based on Corning UniCam pre-polished LC connectors and allows field assembly of Neutrik opticalCON cable connectors. It is a simplified installation without needing a lot of expensive equipment.

The opticalCON Field Assembly kit offers a fusion splice option as well. This brings optimized assembly time, unsurpassed LC performance and no need for field polishing. Due to the unique connector construction the assembly procedure doesn't require further expensive tooling in addition to the fusion splice device cost (suitable for fusion splicer FITEL S123C, S153A, S178A). FITEL fusion splice equipment is most commonly used and can be ordered from FITEL distribution.

As always it is Neutrik's highest interest to keep the quality level, because of this it is required to attend a certified Neutrik opticalCON field assembly training. The successful completion entitles to purchase opticalCON cable connectors as well as the neccessary equipment.

Training content:

- Fiber optic basics
- Fiber optics every day tools (on-the-job training)
- DUO and QUAD ADVANCED Connector assembly (on-the-job training)
- opticalCON specific characteristics

Date for the next Field Assembly Training:

April 8 - 9th, 2019 in Schaan, Liechtenstein (Neutrik HQ Schaan)
- no minimum participants required

* The training will only take place with a minimum of 4 participants. You will be informed two weeks before the training.

private company training for groups of min. 6 - 8 participants are possible!

For further details please contact your local distributor.