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F1 Test Weeks 2016 Barcelona

Neutrik opticalCON with Riedel at the Formula One Test Weeks 2016 in Barcelona

Riedel’s wired intercoms for the Formula One employ a special ruggedized fiber cable with Neutrik's opticalCON connectors. If you lay a cable for a permanent installation it is likely to continue working without any assistance. But if you lay a cable, remove it, ship it and re-install it 20 times in a year, it really needs to be heavily ruggedized. In total there is around 8 km – 12 km of cable weaving around the garages, pit lane and the race official's control room in a fully redundant system, meeting the zero-failure standards expected by Riedel's high-profile clients. This redundant fibre ring is set up by Riedel technicians and is constantly monitored before, during and after a race so that if something fails Riedel can react immediately.


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