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The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus says hello to Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg in Austria

JLB on tour 1

A professional recording studio makes its way through Europe. For many years now Neutrik has been supporting the idea of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus to unite young people whose passion is music.


For this reason Neutrik was happy to have the Bus also in Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg (Austria) so that young music talents got the opportunity to write a song "on board" and to record or even make a video of it in free of charge workshops.  "We think that the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is really a fantastic idea. Therefore, we didn't think twice about sponsoring and equipping the Bus with a wide range of Neutrik's connector products, says Werner Bachmann, CEO of the Neutrik group.

JLB on tour 2

On 15th August 2013, the National Holiday of Liechtenstein, Vaduz hosted the Bus which presented itself to the interested public. As special highlight ten people who had participated in a radio drawing were given free entry in the Bus to enjoy the traditional fireworks from its roof-deck.

JLB on tour 3

On 17th August 2013 the Bus stopped at the youth club "Westend" in Bregenz, Austria. Neutrik chose this location deliberately as the initiative Westend shares the basic idea of the John Lennon Bus to be a "leisure time family" for the young people. The excellently qualified audio technicians who live on board the bus while touring through Europe were overwhelmed by the big interest the young musicians had and the music productions which were made in only one day:

"For the kids of the Westend art contact project the John Lennon Bus was a great experience. They were really impressed by all the equipment and the professional crew. Dario, our Rapper, was enthusiastic and very grateful for the opportunity to record a song in the Bus. It is fascinating that the same idea – namely to offer young people the chance to be creative – was born both in New York and Bregenz some years ago and that we were offered the wonderful occasion to put this idea in practice on Saturday.Many thanks also to Neutrik AG which made such kind of projects possible". 

JLB on tour 4

On Sunday the John Lennon Bus focused Liechtenstein again. Some pupils of the Music School Vaduz with their newcomer band "Green Lemon" were well prepared for their "big day on board the bus"; within a few hours they wrote their own song and even produced an outdoor video enjoying fine weather.

"In eight hours the kids of Green Lemon and the awesome guys of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus Hans (USA), Pietro (I), Alex (F) and Jaime (UK) created a brand new pop song, singing and recording it live. In addition they made a video film and photo shoots. The crew worked in a very professional, creative and gentle manner with the kids who could invent, develop, practise and record their song ideas. Everybody had great fun, was highly motivated and concentrated. After eight hours of recording, the Bus crew will edit the video and publish it on Youtube so that everybody can watch and listen to it. Once again many thanks to the crew of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus and the sponsor Neutrik AG for this great experience ."